SPC322 SharePoint Search Display Templates and Query Rules

To everyone who is was up to the challenge of attending my Thursday morning SPC14 session on Display Templates and Query Rules, Thank You! Thank You for getting up early on Thursday and most of all, thanks for being the best audience EVER!! I still have a few posts to put together on the details of each demo. If I am missing one you REALLY want to see ping me on Twitter and let me know which one I am missing.

Display Templates

Display Templates 101

Use this post for your first pass at Display Templates. Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Display Templates

Search Control Rendering

I pulled the Metro Design from the Metro JS project by Drew Greenwell.

Hover Panels and External Calls

Bing Maps REST API: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff701713.aspx

I need to write up a short post on how to get the wiring to work for interacting with SharePoint Display Templates and Hover Panels.

Debugging Display Templates

I blogged this the other day and just didn’t have the time to include it. It goes along with the JavaScript debugging techniques I showed: Create a Diagnostic Display Template

Showing Presence in Display Templates

Many of my display templates show presence and I documented this in a blog post: Show Presence in SharePoint Search Results

Query Rules

Better Best Bets

Update: Blogged as Better Best Bets

User Centric Rules

Blog Post to Follow

User Intent Query Rule

I created this post a while back for demonstrating the User Intent. Create a User Intent Query Rule.

Natural Language

This demo was the end of a much larger demo series, I’ll create a series, but I’ll start with a post on the RegEx query and how the rule designer responds to the results. Blog Post to Follow.


My Office 365 demo did not go well due to network performance. I put together a video that shows your options for deploying your Display Templates and Query Rules. I’ll create a post with the steps soon too.

Thanks to everyone who attended it was fun to present to such a happy audience!

Update: I am adding some links to new posts as I create them. Also, my session was posted on Channel 9.

SharePoint 2013 Search display templates and query rules

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