My October Challenge

I have always been a healthy guy, but recently I decided to make getting and staying in shape a priority. I travel a lot. During the month of October, I am going to be home 4 weekdays! Between now and Thanksgiving I’ll be out every week. That is a lot of travel for me. Don’t get me wrong here, I am excited to be busy, but a little worried that my health will suffer. So I am going to challenge myself like I did last year for the SharePoint Evolution Roadshow. During the 3 weeks on the road, we traveled to 13 cities and (with the generous help of friends like Bill Ayers, Ben Robb and Rob Pratt) I was able to run 100k in 3 weeks. For my American friends, that’s around 63 miles.

The Plan

So here’s the plan. I’ll run and tweet and post. If you are on Endomondo or Strava, I’ll keep them updated too. (Well, my phone and Microsoft Band will.) I’ll also use a running planner I created in Excel to keep track and this post will automatically update.

A Complete Success

Join Me!

If you are interested in joining me just ask! Here is the schedule (all other dates are travel days or Austin):

  • October 4-6: Tampa, FL (West Shore Area)
  • October 12-16: Amsterdam
  • October 17-19: Bruges, Belgium
  • October 25-30: Tampa, FL
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