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I have been busy this week creating a PowerShell script that recreates an organically grown SharePoint Site Collection with a dozen hierarchical sites based on site templates. The last time we created a site like this it took about 3 days. With a script I have it down to about 8 minutes on an Enterprise (E3) Tenant. One issue I ran into was when I tried to apply my site templates to the new site for my client I received the error:

New-SPOWeb : The site template requires that the Feature {592ccb4a-9304-49ab-aab1-66638198bb58} be activated in the site collection. At <site>

I tried to recreate the failing site in the browser and got:

Problem applying template

Now, this has been working flawlessly in my test tenant all week. So I Binged around and most of the posts were related to a feature that was not activated, duh. When I tried to activate the feature I found that the solutions don’t work because my client is not on an Enterprise Tenant, they are on a Small Business account.

The Real Problem and Solution

The problem in my case was that I took working site templates from the Small Business tenant and applied them to my Enterprise tenant, then I created another site template (that now has the Enterprise features enabled) and tried to apply it back to the Small Business tenant. You cannot do that. The solution was to create and edit the site templates without leaving the Small Business tenant. Painful, because I don’t like doing this work on a “production” tenant, but that was what needed to be done.

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