SPTechCon Boston 2013

Looking ahead at my calendar and I am pleased to say that I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon Boston August 11-14th. This is a great conference in a wonderful location. You know I love to eat, this is a Food City! (They pour a bit of beer and wine too, or so I have heard!) Anyway, I am excited to be part of the great cast of characters who will be presenting this year. But that’s not all! This time I’ll be presenting a half day SharePoint 2013 Search Workshop on Sunday! I am so excited to be given a half day to talk about setting up SharePoint 2013 Search. Here are my sessions.

How to Implement Search in SharePoint 2013

This half-day tutorial is intended to deliver a complete SharePoint Search education for beginner and intermediate SharePoint IT professionals. The course is targeted at SharePoint 2013 administrators who are attempting to provision, configure, manage and customize the SharePoint 2013 Search Service Application. This tutorial provides sufficient detail for the student to follow the demonstrations to complete a Search configuration and resolve issues with tested troubleshooting techniques. More Details Here…

SharePoint 2013 Search Back to Front

SharePoint 2013 introduces many exciting enhancements to the end user search experience. In this class, you will learn what the major changes are and how to apply them to your enterprise. We will explore new concepts for crawling and presenting content. Through many demonstrations, this class will show how to improve the search experience for your end users with SharePoint 2013. This class will allow you to:

  • Learn about the changes in how the search engine is configured.
  • Learn new techniques for presenting Search results.
  • Understand how to promote special classes of content

If you sign up before May 31st you will save $500 off the registration, if you use the code MCDERMOTT you will save an additional $200. For those savings you could afford to bring a second person with you!!!!

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