SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

First, what a GREAT conference. I teased my audiences about their lack of enthusiasm, but truth be told, the attendees were wonderful, worm, courteous, and very eager to learn all that we had to share. Even when a demo of mine went a bit south a gent in the audience spotted my error and resolved it on the spot. (I awarded him a drink ticket for his efforts.) The twitterverse was too kind for my sessions #SPEvo13 #DEV207, #DEV209 and #IW416.

DEV207 Developing Social Applications in SharePoint 2013

I had a blast in this session. We covered the SharePoint Social API through REST, JSOM and the .Net CSOM. The code demos showed off the basics of using JSOM in a Display Template and sample GETs and POSTs in my “graphically rich UI”. I also showed off my newest demo, a Windows 8 App that grabs the social data from a REST call. I need a bit of time to polish it up, so if you would like the code let me know and I’ll send it to you in whatever shape it’s in.

Slides: Developing Social Apps McDermott

Code: [Developing Social Apps Code]( - Developing Social

DEV209 Developers Approach to Search Applications

This was a brand new session for me, WOW what fun. I presented the “compiled code” version of this session last year. This year there is 80% less code! Stunning how great the new search features of SharePoint 2013 are that we can use the out of the box features to add value without sacrificing stability of the farm.

This is the article I was telling you about for the Graphical Slider: Using jQuery and jqplot in your display template to show a piechart refiner

Slides: Developers Approach to Search Applications

Code: I’ll clean up the sample and put it here soon. If you need it NOW, let me know in the comments.

IW416 Solving Enterprise Search Challenges with SharePoint

This session was a romp around the new features of SharePoint. The audience was nice to me when I screwed up my Query Rules demo. Though it was funny when I made Hank Wheeler disappear.

Slides: Solving Enterprise Search Challenges with SharePoint

In Closing

I cannot say “Thank You” enough for the generosity of the Combined Knowledge crew with Zoe and Steve in the lead. I am truly grateful to the attendees as well, without them there would be no one for me to show my dog pictures to! The audiences were wonderful.

Until next year, if you’ll have me back, Thanks!

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