Developers Approach to Search Applications Webcast

Had a great turn out for the Critical Path Training web cast “Developers Approach to Search Applications”. Here are my notes and links from the session:

Slides: Developers Approach to Search Applications

Search Query Syntax

Just a content type: ContentType:“KBase Article” Content Type and Date Range: ContentType:“KBase Article” Write>=4/3/2012 Content Type and Author: Author:willa* ContentType:“Kbase Article” Content Type NOT Author: -Author:Ruby* ContentType:“Kbase Article”

Managed Metadata (Pay attention to the “#” and “#0”) Managed Metadata with Descendants: ContentType:“Kbase Article” owstaxIdKBCategory:#08718fade-b675-4429-98d2-86aad6ef3627 Managed Metadata without descendants: ContentType:“Kbase Article” owstaxIdKBCategory:#8718fade-b675-4429-98d2-86aad6ef3627


SharePoint KnowledgeBase (ISC 2012)

XML Test Page

Create a XML Test Page for Search Results

Search Taxonomy Field Values

Search Taxonomy Fields

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