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Better late than never seems to be my mantra these days. I have been working on presentations and posts for the many new features of SharePoint 2010. I am excited that I’ll be speaking at the SharePointPro Summit March 16-19, 2010 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I am covering the following IP Pro Sessions:

HITP03: Enterprise Social Computing with SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 introduces new features that support social computing for organizations of all types. Whether you have a “formal vision” or loose idea of what “social” means to your organization, this session will introduce you to the key concepts and features that can aid in your planning and implementation of social computing for your organization. This session will highlight how companies gain value out of the social computing capabilities of SharePoint.

  • Introduction to the “social vision” for SharePoint 2010
  • What do I like: Tagging, Rating and Notes
  • What’s happening: Activity Feeds
  • Where is it: Social search
  • Who can help: People and Expertise search

HITP04: SharePoint 2010 Search Overview

Search has taken a huge step forward with the introduction of SharePoint 2010. This session will focus on what is new to Search in SharePoint 2010. Presented through demonstrations of the search capabilities and advancements, this presentation will provide the background necessary to understand how search has improved and how to plan for the smooth implementation of

  • SharePoint search for your organization
  • SharePoint 2010 Search scalability options
  • Improved user experience
  • Social and people search
  • Improved metadata processing
  • Improved management and tuning

HITP05: SharePoint Multilingual Scenarios

SharePoint 2010 supports several multilingual scenarios out of the box. This session will detail the features of SharePoint 2010 that enable the creation of publishing sites that support multiple languages and locales. This session will also detail how content contributors can use the new multilingual user interface to work within their chosen language to author, manage and publish content through an interface that supports their native language. This session will detail:

  • Planning a multilingual publishing site
  • Implementing the multilingual user interface
  • The configuration and process required for Variations
  • Application of language packs
  • Developer considerations for multilingual sites

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