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If you are looking for PowerShell resources to get yourself up to speed look no further than “Mastering PowerShell”. 20 Chapters of what appears to be (I honestly have not read the whole thing) a comprehensive work on the topic. The book is available Online and for download as a PDF. From the generous makers of PowerShell Plus.

The table of contents:

  • Chapter 1. The PowerShell Console
  • Chapter 2. Interactive PowerShell
  • Chapter 3. Variables
  • Chapter 4. Arrays and Hashtables
  • Chapter 5. The PowerShell Pipeline
  • Chapter 6. Using Objects
  • Chapter 7. Conditions
  • Chapter 8. Loops
  • Chapter 9. Functions
  • Chapter 10. Scripts
  • Chapter 11. Finding and Avoiding Errors
  • Chapter 12. Command Discovery and Scriptblocks
  • Chapter 13. Text and Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 14. XML
  • Chapter 15. The File System
  • Chapter 16. The Registry
  • Chapter 17. Processes, Services, Event Logs
  • Chapter 18. WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Chapter 19. User Management
  • Chapter 20. Your Own Cmdlets and Extensions

Now you cannot claim that the economy is keeping you from learning PowerShell.

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