15 Years an MVP

Matthew McDermott, MVP

I am proud, and a bit stunned, to announce that I been awarded the Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft for my contributions to the community in the area of Office Apps and Services for the 15th year. For me, this is a huge milestone. With the global pandemic and the shutdown of so many in-person events I could not be happier for the recognition.

I never feel like I have done enough for an award like this. I am not bragging or being fake humble, it’s just how I feel.

For me giving back to the community is part of my passion. I love to teach, though lately I have been doing more cooking lessons that technical lessons. I launched a new blog that encompasses my “lifestyle” passions called Guns, Dogs, and Food the food lessons are on the Food category. I am still super active in the technology communities, but more of a management role than an active participant.

I must point out that I do not do this alone. Without the generosity of the Microsoft Product Teams and fellow MVPs, I could not do what I do. They share their plans and ideas so we can give them feedback. This helps the MVPs to give feedback early and often so that features are truly impactful for our customers.

In addition to blogging for Spanning at https://spanning.com/blog you can find me here on my personal blog https://ableblue.com/blog and my YouTube Channel https://youtube.com/ableblue.

|| MVP

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