Pluralsight: SharePoint 2013 Search Back to Front


Building Windows Phone 7 applications with SharePoint 2010 Products and Unified Access Gateway (UAG)


Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes

Two Ways to Make the User Profile Change Log Work for You


SharePoint and Windows Phone 7 Training Course


Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices: Chapter SharePoint and Windows Phone 7

Expert SharePoint 2010 Practices is a valuable compendium of best practices, tips, and secrets straight from the most knowledgeable SharePoint gurus in the industry.Learn from the experts as you dive into topics like multitenancy, solution deployment, business intelligence, and administration. Our team of carefully chosen contributors, most with Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) designation bestowed upon them, shares with you the secrets and practices that have brought them success in a wide variety of SharePoint scenarios.Chapter: SharePoint and Windows Phone 7 with Darrin Bishop


Extending the SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed

The SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed is the new My Site home page. This presentation demonstrates a centralized approach to building applications that publish activities to the newsfeed. In this session you will learn how to create a custom Activity Application and publish Activity Items from external events. This session will also address best practices and pitfalls of working with Activity Events including multilingual considerations and custom Event Types.

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